Ampless Driveless by sidechained

Patch which does away with the overdrive and VCA stages of the Neutron, instead focusing on modulation of OSC1 shape and PW. OSC2 and the LFO are used as modulators. OSC1 is filtered and delayed (bypassing VCA and OVERDRIVE completely).

Main signal path:
OSC 1 is routed to VCF IN (ensures only OSC1 is heard) then VCF1 is routed to DELAY IN (bypassing VCA and OVERDRIVE)

OSC2 modulates PW of OSC1
OSC2 used to modulate PW of OSC1
LFO used to modulate shape of OSC1 wave (depth set by ATT2)
[note: OSC blend modes on my Neutron are set to blend i.e. they morph between wave shapes]
[note: LFO rate is tempo synced to Octatrack i.e. LFO MIDI SYNC = ON]
inverted LFO UNI used to modulate DELAY time (depth set by ATT1)