Talking Neutron / Robot Formant Voice - cloned by Matt Jones

Formant Voice S&H sample and hold filter voice robot

(Listen to audio preview for end result) Turn off osc shape blend mode. With the second osc set to full freq range, we can use it to clock the sample and hold at fast, audible rates (note: the osc first has to be attenuated as the full signal is too much for the sample and hold clock). The filtered 1st osc (with VCA bias open for uninterrupted audio signal) can then be sent to the sample and hold input and the resulting effected audio from sample and hold out sent to the VCA. Once patched up, use the Filter Freq to make vowel sounds. You might need to adjust the osc2 tune and/or filter freq to the correct range if the results aren't as expected at first. But if you follow the patch sheet it shouldn't be far off. The second option is to close the VCA bias, key track the filer freq, and use the gated envelopes (both 1 and 2 with env depth set to a little as shown) and play notes. You'll have to adjust the filter to the correct freq get the desired results (filter freq pot to about 10 o'clock). Slow portamento can be effective to enhance the vocal aspect. Try modulating the filter freq with some fairly quickish LFO for a vibrato effect.