Sidechain ducking bassline by pieslice

Introducing the RackBETA

The rack is nearing its completion: multiple devices in one patch. It's a bit basic but it should work just fine, mobile/touchscreen support is pretty poor at this stage. Please send me an email if you find any bugs or inconveniences.

Feel free to submit a patch just for testing purposes and label it with rack-test tag so I can identify it as so.

dawless sidechain ducking utility

Dial any bass sound to the Neutron and beats to the DFAM.

The VCA output (volume) of the Neutron ducks when DFAM triggers a sound. DFAM VCA Envelope gives the contour on how to duck the bassline.

Use the ATT1 knob to adjust how much ducking you want.
This is a good setup for a live / dawless environment to make the beats / bassline mix more clear.

If you want the ducking to lag a bit you can route the Invert Out through Slew.