O-Coast/Crave Layercake by Mashkova23

Introducing the RackBETA

The rack is nearing its completion: multiple devices in one patch. It's a bit basic but it should work just fine, mobile/touchscreen support is pretty poor at this stage. Please send me an email if you find any bugs or inconveniences.

Feel free to submit a patch just for testing purposes and label it with rack-test tag so I can identify it as so.

BASS rack-test 0-Coast Crave

MIDI into 0-coast (duplicated CV/GATE midi B)
Auido out of Crave,
Crave OSC is tuned 5 semitones higher (i think) above Root (O-coast) note
For extra wibble wobble flick the mod source switch on Crave or Cycle button on 0-Coast (or both!) play with cycle/LFO Time
use Balance/VCO MIX /VC MIX to blend all 4 sound sources

this was my first patch with these two mini monsters