303 Patch - cloned by WD

303 bass squelchy acid

303 patch found on Reddit by user positivecentre. I (Nikki Alexander) am not taking any credit, just saving it here for personal reference.

Added information about this patch from Reddit:

So, to achieve this I patched the Assignable Out of the Patch Bay (Set To Mod Wheel) through the SLEW LIMITER (to smooth any ruff edges) and then into the MULT. The output from MULT1 goes to FREQ MOD and MULT2 to to ATT1 CV. The OSC MIX is patched into ATT1 IN and the ATTENUATOR 1 KNOB is set at about half way. ATT1 OUT then goes into the VCF IN.

Post image
Now using an external sequencer (in my case an Octatrack) I created a simple pattern and locked the CC1 (Modwheel) amount and Legato to ON on the steps I wanted to create slides. *Also worth doing is a sample and hold LFO on these two parameters to add more variation to the patterns you are sending to the Neutron*

Now on the Neutron with the Pitch of OSC1 Locked and set to Saw Tooth with OSC MIX all the way left (I put OSC2 as Square Wave and use the mix to switch between them), I can use the Envelope Depth to control the amount of decay envelope modulation on the LPF while using the the MOD DEPTH to control how much the 'ASSIGN' input moves the Filter. In the background the amount of MOD WHEEL coming from the Octatrack is affecting the Oscillator Volume to create volume accents which in turn drive the distortion.

Crank the Distortion with Tone set to Max and some portamento and you should be fairly close.

Your standard TB303 controls are:

Tune = OSC 1 TUNE on the Neutron

Cutoff Freq = FREQ on the Neutron

Resonance = RESO on the Neutron

Envelope Mod = ENV Depth on the Neutron

Decay = D from ENVELOPE 2

Accent = MOD DEPTH