Random Stutters by Logarhythmic

This adds random "stutters" at varying rates. It works best with a sequencer, and the Sample and Hold being clocked by the sequencer.

The main effect comes from the LFO and sample and hold (both are patched to the attenuators), so feel free to tweak the oscillators, filter, envelopes as much as you please.

Attenuator 2 "turns off" the stuttering effect. Attenuator 1 adjust the range of "stutter tempos". Setting the LFO to key sync means that stutters that are at a slower tempo than the notes being played won't have time to complete an oscillation before the next key is pressed. Playing with the position of the LFO rate knob and Attenuator 1 will adjust the "threshold", or change how often you'll hear the stuttering effect. If the rate is low (and the attenuator is high enough), it'll spend most of it's time stuttering slower than the notes being played, only occasionally peaking above the threshold. The higher the rate knob, the more frequently the stutters will happen.

Example in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5BpVG49Zcc