Generative Techno (with Kicks, Hats and pseudo-sequenceable Bassline) - cloned by 100yan

generative techno kicks hats bassline pseudo-sequencer

A self generative patch for Techno.

Kicks, Hats and a pseudo sequenceable bass-line !!! You will need 2 more cables for this patch - 8 overall.

Main ideas behind the patch:

1. Bipolar LFO acts as a clock. It is by default routed to Mult 1 and Mult 2 output and this is very handy !

2. Mult 1 (bipolar-LFO clock) goes to Env Gate 2 and thus triggers the Kick envelope. You can tweak Envelope Two to get lower or higher kick sounds.

3. Mult 2 (the bipolar-LFO clock) goes to the Inverter first, then to Attenuator 1 and lastly to Env Gate 1.
This creates a sort of side chained clock trigger (that we can attenuate), which comes handy to trigger the joined Hats and Bass Line envelope and duck the kicks.

4. Envelope 1 is passed through the Sample & Hold to create a simple note sequencer or arpeggiator depending on the S&H rate. Tweaking Envelope 1 and the S&H rate and Glide - gives you different Bass lines !!! Also try changing the LFO type ! Attenuator 2 can be used to control the pitch of the bassline as well ! You can always use the VCO2 tune knob, too.


Tweaking the OSC 2 shapes gives you different bass sounds.

Use the Noise knob to selectively remove the Hats. Use The Filter to remove the Kicks and add them back on together with the Hats !

Play with Delay Mix, Time and Repeats to add more rhythmic patterns. Or bypass it completely (by dialing time, repeats and mix to the minimum).

Use LFO rate to control the speed of the patch.

Use the Overdrive Knobs to add grit to specific frequencies ... Kicks or Bassline.

VCA Bias should be around 9:00-10:00 o'clock ...but feel free to experiment.

Attenuator 1 controls the amount of ducking/sidechaining.

Attenuator 2 controls the pitch of the bass line.

Mode should be set to Paraphonic.

Enjoy !!!