Ableton CV Kick-Snare by Galen

kick snare kick snare Ableton

This is based on the Moog DFAM Kick Snare Patch as demonstrated here:

Use Ableton CV Tools and the CV Instrument Device (or equivalent) for more rhythm and pitch control. With your DC-coupled interfaces, run:

(Ableton) CV Gate -> DFAM TRIGGER
(Ableton) CV Pitch -> DFAM VCO 1 CV
(Ableton) Velocity Expression -> DFAM Velocity
Use a Stacking Cable from DFAM VCO 1 CV to VCF MOD

Use low MIDI pitches in Ableton for Kick, and high pitches for snare. Velocity should also work. You can even "tune" your kick using the Ableton Tuner device and playing your Kick pitch although you might need to open up the VCA Decay to hear the tone (and other adjustments such as VCO 1 EG Amount). I have VCO 2 adding a little FM and hard-sync action for extra character (but be careful of low frequency phase problems).

Adjust VCA DECAY, NOISE/VCF MOD and VCA DECAY etc. to taste - or run some CV LFOs from Ableton.