External Synths mixed and played with Neutron - cloned by a

External Synths Mixed External Mixed Input

Connect an external synth, like Arturia MicroFreak into the Input 1/4 inch on the back of the Neutron. This external synth will route into your VCF along with your OSC1+2 and Noise OSC.

OSC 1+2 outputs go to Attenuator 1 to be used as a mixer knob with your external input.

Since I'm using the MicroFreak with the Neutron,
I patch the MicroFreak's CV to the Neutron's OSC 1+2 Input.
I also patch the MicroFreak's Gate to the Neutron's VCA CV Input.

This allows me to play the keyboard on the MicroFreak to control the MicroFreak and Neutron and use the output of the MicroFreak's sound engine into all of the Neutron's Filter > Overdrive > VCA > Delay.

Reference the Neutron Routing Diagram here.