Bass-ic by Eric Eaton


Basic bass patch using the second envelope to allow for some harmonic variation within a held note.
If you switch the Att1 out to OscShape2, and make Osc2 16 and Ocs1 32, it's a little more metallic and Neutrony.
Freq and Res may need to be adjusted slightly. A hair to either size and it looses it's roundness or gets too muddy.
all that business with the ENV2 being inverted and slowed to feed into the Osc shape is a way to get more harmonic variation out of the note.
Osc2 is being summed with the LFO and attenuation back into Osc2's pitch. On paper this seem silly, but it does seem to have an effect. The effect I was after was giving that wave more shape than just a regular wave to give it more harmonic grit.
Adding a little Portamento is nice too.