Ride/HatFM01 by LogicalPhallusy

cymbal hat ride drum fm

Another cymbal patch (**patch out from overdrive out NOT output)

This one sounds pretty cool and there are multiple ways to play it:
NOTE: FOR MY MACHINE PLUGGING 1 END OF A PATCH CABLE INTO ATT.2 OUT AND LEAVING THE OTHER END UNPLUGGED DRASTICALLY CHANGES THE TONE OF MANY PATCHES (yes, this is even with ATT.2 set to zero so I know it's not just the default PWM routing). THIS IS ONE SUCH PATCH. It sounds more realistic with that patch cable plugged in but I can't display that on the above graphic.

hold down key as if you hit the cymbal and choked it
quickly tap key as if you quickly struck it and let it ring
hold down one key and press another repeatedly for easy rolls
*press down two keys and immediately release for an accented ride*

Typical 3 operator FM design for cymbals (adding the LFO as the third is where the harmonic of the first modulator finally disappears). With ATT1 acting as a secondary vca for the modulator signal into OSC2.

I the rearranged it from VCF-->OD-->VCA to VCA-->VCF-->OD
This was actually a mistake, putting the VCA first, but it ended up sounding fine. I prefer to usually have OD at the end of the chain no matter the sound so I can get amplitude-dependent overdrive effects. Then I patched directly into overdrive out so as to cut DELAY out of the chain since no matter what its settings are it sometimes muffles the sounds of straight up bleeds into the output.

The attack and decay of ENV.1 can be reversed so that the decay is the shorter one if you prefer that style of play, and that will change the behavior of the above performance techniques.

Paraphonic can be disabled as well for a slightly different behavior. I left it on cause it makes the accented ride behavior very reliable.

The Portamento time just adds a touch more realism when playing between two different keys on the keyboard to my ears. Playing with it slightly changes the tone in that use case and adds a small evolution in harmonics.