Neutron 303 by onionpsy

303 bassline bass acid

So it's just a simple emulation of the classic 303. I'm using the ring mod tricks.
Obviously doesn't sound exactly like the original one but it does have its own character.

Cool parameters to tweak:
- OSC2 tune
- env2 Decay, Attack
- Freq
- Reso
- OD tone
- Noise
- Env depth

To simulate slides (on Digitakt for example), I'm making the length of the first note longer (eg 1.44) so it trigger the porta on the second note (right on the next step). Tweak the porta time knob to slide faster/slower.

On neutron:
- Velocity modulate cutoff (around 30%)
- Env retrigger Stacatto (if you plan to use the "porta-slide")