Various Hats/Crashes by LogicalPhallusy


Assign: Velocity

Play with Env1.D/Env1.R for open/closed hats, crashes, stick hits
Adjust in real time for open/closed patterns and humanization effects
(In the future this patch will use S&H --> CV decay controls an a Minibrute 2S for this to free up hands)

Alternatively, one can sacrifice some realism by removing the LFO as the third operator and instead use it in one shot mode (down-ramp saw wave) patched into vca CV or route OSC MIX into ATT1 and patch the LFO 1 shot into ATT1.CV as an envelope, then apply whatever CV you wish (velocity, S&H, both, sequenced CV from a keystep or minibrute, etc) to LFO.RATE for humanized decay times or open/closed/crash patterns.