Rage Against the Machine Guitar by LogicalPhallusy

Lead Sync guitar

ASSIGN: OSC2 CV (to lock its pitch setting -- the relationship between OSC2.FREQ and OSC1.FREQ determines the timbre. Locking 1 oscillator to a fixed frequency creates a more dynamic, realistic guitar as timbre is sort of randomized across the keyboard this way instead of being consistent. More like a real guitar.)

Headphone out --> LR splitter --> INPUT (headphone volume ~80%) (this really thickens up the sound and makes it even more convincing.

I plug my headphones into patchbay's OUTPUT or into my mixer headphone out (probably safer the second way).

Play with OSC2.TUNE for wahs/tonal changes while playing the part. This is where it gets its realism.

Release time also fun to play with.

adjust OSC2.WIDTH for other tonal changes.

Adjust between square/pulsewaves on OSC2 for other tonal changes.

Adjust grunginess with ATT2 and tonal randomness per keystrike with ATT1.

Tip: It may help to tune the LFO.FREQ to the key you're playing in.