Full spectrum by synthet1c


Full spectrum techno loop with Kick, bass, clicks and bleeps.

Midi clock for tempo I used 133bpm

Delay 1/4 synced, 67% feedback, 32% mix.

The VELOCITY and PITCH modulate the Oscillators pitch so it can be hard to find a nice pitch for note 4.

VCO DECAY For more kick raise slightly above center.
1-2 FM AMOUNT will introduce bass sound, good for full amount.
CUTOFF good for the full amount
VCO2 EG AMOUNT to 0% will change the kick tone and click
VCF DECAY and 0% will give a tighter kick
VCF DECAY to 100% will open the distorted synth sound
VCF EG AMOUNT give the loop more grit or clean up the kick

NOISE / VCF MOD from 100% to 0% will give more distortion

For a cool alternative bleep sound VCA DECAY to 70%, CUTOFF reduced to 20%

For a cool build up, open NOISE / EXT LEVEL to around 60% and VCF DECAY to around 75%

Don't touch VCO's unless you want to explore a new bleep pitch.