Precise microtonality (sequencer needed) by Moklanii Robotnik

Sequencer SQ-1 BeatStep Pro Microtonality

For this particular patch, the only knob that matters on the Neutron is the attenuator which needs to be slightly turned on - a bit less than a notch. The goal is to achieve more precise microtonality. The other knobs can be adjusted to your sonic tastes. The Neutron needs to be paired with a sequencer. I'm using the Korg SQ-1 and the Arturia BeatStep Pro.

With SQ-1:
SQ-1 CV A OUT ⟶ Neutron ATT1IN (for fine tuning)
SQ-1 GATE A OUT ⟶ Neutron E.GATE1
SQ-1 CV B OUT ⟶ Neutron SUM 1(B)

With BeatStep Pro:
BS Pro VELO ⟶ Neutron ATT1IN (for fine tuning)
BS Pro GATE ⟶ Neutron E.GATE1
BS Pro PITCH ⟶ Neutron SUM 1(B)

Similar patching can be done with Attenuator 2 and SUM 2, paired with a second sequencer, so pitch can be sent to a second oscillator.