Cool 2-OP FM Starting Point by Stogoshuffle


This is a great starting point for exploring FM Synth sounds.
This is a 2 Operator setup with OSC 1 is the Carrier and OSC 2 is the Modulator.

ENV 1 is VCA for the Carrier (OSC 1)
ENV 2 affects the Modulator (OSC 2) using ATT1 as a kind of second VCA.

Use the ATT 1 and ATT 2 Knobs to tweak the amount of modulation.
The ATT 1 knob is acting like a 'VCA Bias' knob for the Modulator, changing the amount of default modulation.
The ATT 2 knob is an attenuator for ENV 2, changing how much the envelope affects the modulation.

Cool Tweaks/Things to try:
- The OSC 2 Tune knob vastly changes the FM sound as well
- The Inverted Envelope 2 is currently used, but just switch from INVERT to ENV 2 to use a regular envelope.
- Use a sine wave LFO in audio range as a third operator, either patch LFO to OSC 2, or use the SUM to combine ATT1 and LFO before sending to OSC 1. Use the LFO Depth shift feature to change how much LFO modulates (Hold down LFO Key Sync and then hold the OSC Range buttons to change the depth)
- Overdrive is bypassed for a cleaner signal, remove the VCF 1-VCA IN if you want to use it..