Tribal Drums by Octopush

Toms drums tribal octopush

dummy patch cable into VCF MOD.

In the example, I have attached, DFAM's output is divided and sent to two separate channels:
channel 1 --> dry signal (low-end drums)
channel 2 (kalimba effect) --> Make Noise QPAS (LP filter with FREQ at 1 o'clock, resonance at 12 o'clock and radiate-L at 9 o'clock modulated by clocked LFO, radiate-R at 2 o'clock) --> Make Noise Mimeophon (with ping pong on, HALO off, cOLOR 70% ZOnE pink, RaTE at 1 o'clock, REPEATS 9 at o'clock, MIX 10 o'clock)