Overdrive Optional: OSC 1 Bypass, OSC 2 Thru OD, Gain via ATT 1&2, Summed by Rhyot

overdrive gain levels bypass advanced clean distortion dri

We've all seen the 100% OD bypass for a clean init, but I'm not a fan of committing a patch to *zero* overdrive.

This patch will send OSC 1 through a bypass patch for the clean waveforms, set your gain on ATT 1; OSC 2 goes through OD to ATT 2, so you can independently turn each up, down, on or off. NOTE: OSC 2 will be quieter than OSC 1, adjust accordingly.

If this isn't working for you, make sure the filter's open, mod is down, and ENV1 is open either through Decay or Sustain (my patch is full sustain). Also, remember to turn up the OD Level.

For a nice clean pluck, just lower the filter freq to 9:00 and pump some ENV Depth through the VCF.