Ableton CV Dynamic Hi-Hats by Galen

hi-hat hihat

This is based on the Moog DFAM Dynamic Hi-Hats as demonstrated here:

With your DC-coupled audio interface and CV Instrument (probably no need to calibrate as we're using Noise only), route:

(Ableton) CV Gate -> DFAM Trigger
(Ableton) CV Pitch -> DFAM VCA DECAY
(Ableton) Velocity (Expression tab) -> DFAM VELOCITY

Now your MIDI clips can be with any rhythm you choose and have an Ableton Groove applied. Higher pitches for longer decays (VCA DECAY), and lower/higher velocities to taste. I find a velocity range of 30-80 (or even 100) works well.

You can add a little Filter Envelope (VCF EG Amount and VCF Decay) to taste.

Also, try using the "Shaper" tab in Ableton's CV Instrument to add a little variation for your VCF DECAY out. I like the "Ramp" over 1-bar with 15% jitter, 5% smoothing and only 10% amplitude (depth). You can even add a regular Ableton LFO to slowly modulate the Shaper's phase parameter over time.

Lastly, throw CV Instrument (and LFOs) into an Instrument Rack, and use the MIDI Effects such as Random (for pitch) and Velocity - then assign some of the interesting knobs to the Rack's macros. Saves a lot of hassle programming MIDI clips!