Contoured Pad by spontaneouslightbulb

pad monophonic delay patch shimmer aftertouch

Working with this Patch:
This patch attempts to create a complex pad through the use of harmonics and an almost constantly shifting sound that doesn't alter pitch.

Attenuator 1 acts as a modulation depth for OSC1's Shape.
LFO Rate acts as the rate at which the OSC1 Shape will change.
LFO Shape acts as the shape at which the OSC1 Shape will change.
e.g. Use LFO square wave to move between blended sawtooth and sine, and jump up to square waves.

Assign Aftertouch [REQUIRED]:
Hold OSC SYNC until blinking. Select OSC2 Range while looking at the LFO Shape light, and select it until the light for LFO Shape reaches the rightmost option. If required, more info on page 13 of the Behringer Neutron Manual.

Additional contour can be removed by decreasing the mix level of the Delay. Mix is increased in this patch configuration.

Overdrive [OPTIONAL]:
Additional contour can be added by increasing the drive and level of Overdrive. It is NOT included in this patch. To use Overdrive with this patch, remove VCF1 OUT to VCA IN.

Tuning [OPTIONAL]:
OSC 1 and OSC 2 are tuned 3 octaves away from each other.
Tune knob OSC1 until it is at C5.
Tune knob OSC2 until it is at C2.
Suggested ranges for OSC1/OSC2 are 8/16 and 16/16.

Removing all added Contour [OPTIONAL]:
To simplify the sound into more of a synth-like or organ-like sound, lower Attenuator 1, lower Delay Mix, lower Noise, and change Shape OSC1 to Sine.

Feedback can be sent to /user/spontaneouslightbulb on Reddit.