Lyra 8ish drone/ metallic percussive squelches by JY

Slope triggers hella fast, which modulates the tempo
Tempo modulates the random CV, which is doubled in the attenuator
Random CV modulates the time of the slope, creating background static
Random CV modulates the FM, creating changes in pitch (smaller is more tasteful but no rules here)
End of Contour mdoulates Multiply, which causes small changes in the harmonic overtones.

Drone instructions
Rise/ Fall at 12 o clock, cycle on.
Run through a lot of delays to sound like a mono Lyra-8.

Perc instructions
Rise/ Fall all the way down, cycle on
Lin FM 12 o clock or higher
Onset and Sustain all the way down
Sweet spot for me is decay at 10 o clock
Exp at 0