Gong by pieslice

Introducing the RackBETA

The rack is nearing its completion: multiple devices in one patch. It's a bit basic but it should work just fine, mobile/touchscreen support is pretty poor at this stage. Please send me an email if you find any bugs or inconveniences.

Feel free to submit a patch just for testing purposes and label it with rack-test tag so I can identify it as so.

percussion ethnic orchestral

An impactful gong patch. Crave takes care on the impact and Neutron is for the tail.

This patch needs some tuning - the impact ring in the Crave should be about a minor seventh less than the tail in the Neutron.
For the best results you should fine tune all of the tuning pots by ear.

You might want to have a mixer to get the right balance between the impact and the tail; for a good mix starter the volume pot in the Crave should be about one-quarter less than in the Neutron.

Crave LFO is patched to vibrate the Neutron tail - set Attenuator 1 to the lowest possible value that you can just barely hear a vibrato in the tail.

Set the Neutron filter resonance to the highest value that does not add audible harmonic overtones/buzz.

Add some (plate) reverb for full on ambience.

Audio demo has plate reverb and slight delay.