Sustained NeuOrgan by spontaneouslightbulb

patch hold organ monophonic

OSC 1 and OSC 2 are tuned 3 octaves away from each other.
Tune knob OSC1 until it is at C5.
Tune knob OSC2 until it is at C2.

Monophonic & Paraphonic:
Monophonic works best, but if Paraphonic the leftmost note will be OSC1 and the rightmost will be OSC2.

Every note you press will self-sustain without use of a pedal until the next note is pressed. To change, alter Release on Env1 and Env2, and lower the Delay Mix.

Overdrive and Contour:
Contour (grit) can be added by increasing the Drive of the Overdrive.

Feedback can be sent to /user/Spontaneouslightbulb on Reddit.