[ORIGINAL DUB SIREN] - As heard on DJ Gunshot's "Wheel Up" (1994) by SHUFFLPATTRN

jungle reggae drum n bass dub siren

[This authentic Dub Siren is 99% Sample accurate, using a resonating-filter Dub Siren recipe for all your G Jones inspired acid jungle needs]

(Original Wheel Up siren sample > Dry patch > Delay + Reverb FX)
[This patch requires firmware 2.0+ for the key tracked LFO function]
1. Patch cables and adjust dials as pictured.

2. By carefully tweaking Mod depth and Freq dials, tune the siren so it oscillates from B5 to G#4 to match the original sample - (a tuner pedal or plugin is handy here, I find i get the correct interval when playing the A# key)

3. Set the LFO rate key-tracking by long pressing KEY SYNC, then pressing and holding KEY TRK while playing a note. You can now dial in the lfo rate to your track bpm or to match the original siren tempo. Playing up or down the keyboard now has that old school "sampler" effect and dramatic risers can be achieved through portamento.

4. Get creative with your self resonating filter dub siren; I've patched in an LFO envelope through both attenuators for subtle evolving pulse rates, just:
-dial in Attenuator 1 and 2
-Tweak LFO shapes for other iconic reggae dancehall sounds
-add noise for a lofi tape grit
-use in built delay or external fx pedals to widen the siren and improvise with your favourite reggae/dnb tunes :)

What the patch sounds like with drum breaks: https://soundcloud.com/shufflpattrn/dub

- [shufflpattrn]