Gnash Tea Base by jacobroufa

generative bass

No input necessary. Swells and bumps with a lot of texture.

Turn on MIDI B triangle LFO. Tap a fast rate in to the clock and a slow LFO on MIDI B.

Overtone counter-clockwise really roughens the bass, clockwise makes a higher frequency rippling harmonic stand out more.

Decay is fun to play with, as is the Multiply attenuverter. Dynamics make it really growl when turned clockwise.

To enable the LFO:
* hold the PGM A button down until the PGM A light illuminates.
* tap the PGM A button 3 times to control the MIDI B CV, indicated by the illuminated PGM A light and the red, pulsing MIDI B light
* tap PGM B until its light is flashing rapidly
* tap PGM A once
* tap PGM B again until its light is flashing rapidly.

PGM A becomes a tap tempo button for the LFO when enabled.