[GRANULAR WHISTLE] - Evolving Resonant Filter by SHUFFLPATTRN

Whistle Flute Self Resonating Filter Granular

[Evolving self-resonating filter Whistle/Flute with tremolo, somewhat reminiscent of Flume's "Spring" lead]

(Dry patch > + Reverb FX > + BBD Delay)
1. Patch cables and adjust dials as pictured.

2. Tweak Atten. 2 to adjust maximum LFO/Tremolo rate to taste

3. Adjust LFO shape between Triangle and Sawtooth to switch between a soft oscillating whistle and a more plucked "granular" tone as needed

Full two minute patch demo: https://soundcloud.com/shufflpattrn/grnlr
Video demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7M1vroiEk0c

- [shufflpattrn]