Peak trancy kick and bass by synthet1c


Versitile trancy saw sounding synth stab with a nice beat and bassline.

Midi clock for tempo, I'm using 133bpm

Delay 1/4 synced, 67% feedback, 32% Mix

VCO DECAY - this should not exceed about 52%
VCI 1 EG AMOUNT - remove the kick for a fill
VCO 2 EG AMOUNT - width of the stab, very minor change
VCO 2 FREQUENCY - Can be modulated between 0% - 60%
VCO 2 WAVE - reducing the stab, good for a fill
1-2 FM AMOUNT - best over 50%, sounds thin below
VCF - HP is a good fill modulating the CUTOFF
RESONANCE - sounds good as a fill below 30%
VCF DECAY - minor change to the size of the stab, only works when the CUTOFF is down
VCF EG AMOUNT - remove the kick but keep the rumble
NOISE / VCF MOD - distort the stab slightly
VCA DECAY- should stay below 50% can be raised if CUTOFF compensates

Break Down
Turn VCO 1 LEVEL to 0%, CUTOFF to 40%, change VCF DECAY between 40% - 100%

Don't touch
- SEQ PITCH MOD - this destroys the sound completely!
- VCO1 FREQUENCY - The pitch of the king and the FM are too strong
- VCO1 WAVE this will distort the sound too much, but can be counteracted with the CUTOFF or VOLUME