OD to VCF by V.Stegeman

"VCF In" "Overdriven VCOs to VCF" "S&H to Delay"

Playing with routing to lower the overdriven input to the VCF, as well as putting the OD before the VCF so that gets filtered too. Additionally, there's some LFO modulation on the Delay Time, just for funsies.
This is set up as a "drone," but it's also playable.
Inspired by a post on GearSlutz regarding an alternate routing to reduce the oscillator input to the VCF without using up a precious attenuator. (That one went OSC Mix to VCA In to VCF In to OD In to Delay In ... This one leaves the VCA routing as default, and uses the OD Level to control the input level to the VCF) :>> https://www.gearslutz.com/board/showpost.php?p=14012690&postcount=5212