An attempt at Nick Batt's 'Yodel' Patch by Martijn Calkhoven

Duophonic Nick Batt Sonic 001 Sonicstate

A patch based on "Yodel" by Nick Batt, from the album "SONIC 001".

FOR THIS TO WORK, I USED A KEYSTEP PRO. It works with any controller with both a pitch wheel and pitch CV out (so, all Keysteps work).

First, change the Neutron's pitch bend range to 0 via the app.

Then, set your Keystep (or similar controller)'s CV output to 1 Volt per octave, base not C8 and 14 semitones pitch bend range. Then plug the Pitch CV into the MULT. This will double the pitch bend, which you can fine-tune with Attenuator 1's knob.

Start off with the ENV DEPTH at 0, then crank it up to get that grittiness at the start, which then trails off. Or play with the FREQ knob, that works too.

Don't forget the shimmer reverb!