Coltranius BC 3 Osc Lead - cloned by Han

breath control LFO audio rate

This patch is designed to be controlled by a wind controller, such as the Akai EWI series, Roland Aerophone, Yamaha WX Series, or the Berglund Instruments NuEVI or NuRAD. The controller must send Aftertouch.

The assign jack is Aftertouch, which is then slewed and sent to the mult and onward to filter and more.

You need to key sync the LFO to your midi note (press and hold LFO Key Sync, then press and hold the Filter Key Sync while playing a note to sync the LFO rate. Then tune the LFO with the rate knob.

The LFO and OSC Mix are summed then sent to the VCF. VCF1 output goes to Attenuator 1, which is also a VCA, which is controlled by breath voltage after running through Attenuator 2. This allows you to add some drive before going to the main VCA.

LFO is tuned to the bass C, Osc 2 is G above that, and Osc 1 is two octaves up from LFO.

Not pictured: the LFO output is passing through an attenuator cable (Koma) before going into Sum 1, in order to bring the level of the LFO output down a bit.