iNtox-Z - The Dark Side Of Neutron. by Vitalik Kuprin

Noise Ultra Distortion iNtox-Z Harsh High Gain High Resonance

Ok... if you need to check sound from this creation, check my video on YouTube.

Usage: Left OSC 1 - TUNE.
Usage: VCF - ENV Depth, MOD Depth, Freq & Reso.
Usage: Overdrive - Tone & Level.
Usage: Evenlope 2 - A & R.
Usage: Delay. - Work when overdrive level turning off (need distortion pedal)

You need - Two Stackable Patch Cables & One Splitter Mono Hub 6 Port 5 Way.

Also for more experience you will need at least one guitar distortion pedal, or FUZZ pedal.
Distortion pedal will pull out all the possible noises occurring in the neutron that would not be heard without it, like Delay when Overdrive level turning off.