neutron&crave tweeking good together by freeboop

Introducing the RackBETA

The rack is nearing its completion: multiple devices in one patch. It's a bit basic but it should work just fine, mobile/touchscreen support is pretty poor at this stage. Please send me an email if you find any bugs or inconveniences.

Feel free to submit a patch just for testing purposes and label it with rack-test tag so I can identify it as so.


can be tweak by/from crave with Lfo rate & tempo/gate (swing) (with an active séquence) & other knobs,
and for the neutron by osc tune, Lfo, rate, reso, delay time/repeat/mix, mode depth...etc like usually.
Certainly some of my cable is not very usefull, and you can remove it or patch differently, i am a little newbe in analog, & do not understand completely that i make, but this patch sound good!