Trailing Pitch Rise by Martin Kutschker


The sustain of ENV1 controls the interval of the pitch rise (0% is no rise at all).
The tuning pot of OSC2 controls the interval to OSC1 (MIDI pitch).
ENV2 controls both the VCA and the VCF (via ENV DEPTH).

To set up the patch turn sustain of ENV1 to 0% and set the max. pitch of the riser with the tuning pot. Then set the relative pitch of OSC1 to OSC2 by raising the value of the sustain.

Set ENV2 to your liking, but note that a release setting lower then that of ENV1 will cut short the pitch rise.

Try PWM of only OSC1 by adding this to the patch:
ATT2 -> PW1

Inspired by a patch of George Hall: