Wondrous Envelope Patch by Mr.Tom

Envelope Crave Mr.Tom

Giving back:
The VC MIX knob on the bottom right will give you a bit more control to the envelope. The LO/Mix will cut to notes off with a very short trail of sound. HI/Mix will give you longer sustain and also some longer release of the note. I have not seen this anywhere on YouTube yet, this has come in handy for me, having it configured this way. - To add, you can fine tune the attack as well, but initially just try it to the left, first.
The LFO wire and that portion of the patch, that I added that came from Starsky Carr ( Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQ1NZH4Id2Q ). If you switch the right LFO toggle switch to on, and crank the LFO knob to the right really high up, you can get a lot of nice sounds with the pulse wave... you just need to dial it in. - Mr Tom