Theshold Patch by ttango54

Steve Miller Band

There are some limitations with the model d. You can't bypass the Oscillators from the filter.

1. The tuning for oscillator 2 is 4 semitones or a major third above osc1
2. Turn OSC 3 (LFO) to 6 semitones above oscillator 1
2. Make sure that the volume for osc3 is set to 0 when you start
3. Press A# (3) and manually move the filter from -3 to 1 slowly. match the record.
4. do not take your finger off A# 3 and press F# 3 before removing your finger from A# 3. play with the filter.
5. then press C#4 and then F# 3. filter as before. slowly turn on OSC 3 (LFO) to get the chirping sound.

why you need to keep your finger on the keys as you play is to make the glide work correctly and not have the LFO stop chirping as you change notes.

The OSC 3 control is set to off as the pitch doesn't change when playing the notes. The pitch for the record is F#3 and the Behringer model D is C0. hence, 4 octaves up and 6 semitones.

Since the model d won't let the OSC3 bypass the filter, the filter sweep will impact the chirping but it is doable.

add delay and reverb.