ToneSplitter [SEQ] by Brian Grassfield

Introducing the RackBETA

The rack is nearing its completion: multiple devices in one patch. It's a bit basic but it should work just fine, mobile/touchscreen support is pretty poor at this stage. Please send me an email if you find any bugs or inconveniences.

Feel free to submit a patch just for testing purposes and label it with rack-test tag so I can identify it as so.

In my setup I use the CAT instead of MODEL D and [GATE] instead of [LC GATE] and [VCO1 CV] instead of [OSC 1V/OCT] but I think the control flow explains well.

Crave has a 6 step sequence which drives the Neutron and the CAT at once.

LFO rate on Crave will drive the split speed between the Crave and the Neutron's tone while Neutron's filter affects on both output. The CAT gives a bottom contour and its output wired independently. I get the splitting soundscape from the Neutron's VCA out directly, bypassing the delay module. Attenuators can level tone balance before mixing them in Crave.

Play with the OD on Neutron and try to turn LFO rate on Crave to higher values as well as Reso on Neutron!