About this site

The Patch Library is a place to make notes of your patches and share them with other owners of semi-modular synthesizers.

This site was created because:

My hope is that this site will enable synth enthousiasts to save and share patches online, because!

How does it work

Use your mouse to drag cables between outputs and inputs, turn the knobs, press the switches. Enter a title and your name, perhaps add some notes and an audio preview, then save your patch.

Important: You can edit and update your own patches as long as you don't delete the cookie that is used for this site. Perhaps user accounts will be added in the future, but I want this site to have a very low entry barrier.


A big thanks to the lovely people that have helped adding their favourite synthesizer here:

You can help too! Check out this Github repo if you're interested.


Q: How do I share a patch?
A: Just copy the URL at the top of your webbrowser and share it.

Q: How do I remove a cable?
A: Just create that same cable/connection again to remove it.

Q: I would like to see my synth here, can you add it?
A: Probably yes, depending on the complexity of the synth in question. Please shoot me an email at zwippie at gmail dot com.

Q: Can I help adding my synth here?
A: Yes you can! It takes just a little bit of Javascript and image editing knowledge. Read more about that here.

Q: Are there restrictions to the audio preview upload?
A: Yes, only wav, ogg or mp3 files less than one million bytes please.

Q: Will this ever function as a software synth? / Why does this thing makes no f**king sound?
A: No, I have no WebAudio ambitions (yet) but feel free to use it as a starting point. :)

Q: Do you know a cool patch?
A: Yes, that last patch you just made. Now go and share it through this website!